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The Dental Membership Plan
The Dental Membership Plan (DMP) is an annual reduced fee dental plan that allows individuals and families-just like yours- to receive dental services from our office at prices that make sense for today's economy. The DMP offers the economies of group dental care  plus the individualized attention of private care.   
Affordable for everyone!
Starts at
per month
    The Benefits
    With DMP, treatment begins as soon as you sigh up. There are no deductibles, no yearly maximums, no missing tooth clauses, and 
    Low annual cost
    We are able to offer DMP at  such a low cost because we have decreased our administrative costs  on all things associated with billing patients and insurance. All the payments are made directly to the dental office.  
    Coverage for all
    DMP  is for everyone. Adults, children, and seniors! The membership offers  great  dental benefits without the high cost of dental insurance.

    Gina Sanderson says:

    Top knotch,thorough and very knowledgeable Professionals
    I was very impressed with my first visit with Dr. Chris Griffin and his friendly staff. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to talk to. They made my visit very pleasant and I don't dread the next visit. No one enjoys going to the dentist, but I promise this group makes it enjoyable. They tell you what they're doing as they go so there are no surprises or fears. I don't have dental insurance so I really love the option to sign up for The Dental Membership Plan. I highly recommend this group to anyone for ALL of your dental needs.
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